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Tai Chi Qi-gong Eighteen Formula 


Shi-ba-shi (18 strokes) Tai Chi Qigong exercise commonly practiced in South East Asia, that incorpo- rates some of the best healing movements from the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan art. The exercises will last about 25 minutes, and is the same routine each day, so consecutive attendances is not important and no prior knowledge is required to do it. The movements are easy and quick to learn, but it will take you a lifetime to master. The more you master of the Art, the more healing benefits you will get out of doing it. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids following the exer- cises.

If you have any health issues you wish to discuss with me before you start, please email me on


Focus on: Balance, Posture, Isometrics, Breathing 


Relax and enjoy


The first step to getting benefits from this Tai Chi class is learning to clear your mind and relax by focusing on your balance, the movements of your joints and the position of your limbs. Imitate the movements I show you and your accuracy will improve with practice. Pay attention to your breathing. Breath in during upwards movement and breathing out during downwards move- ments. Practice breathing with your diaphragm, so that your abdomen expands on in-breath and contracts on out-breath as this serves to relax you. Keep your heels firmly planted on the floor maintaining the stability of your posture. Think about the centre of your palms, called the Lau Kung point where all the energy channels congregates. Visualise yourself pushing Chi with this point as you move your palms circulating the Chi of your body.


This Tai Chi Qigong exercise is easy to learn with practice. You advance by mastering each of the above into your exercise routine. You need not try to learn to incorporate all of them in your first session. However, the more you master, the more benefit you will get from doing the exercise. Just enjoy the exercise and the rest will come in time. Use the rest of your life to master it. 

When and where

Every Monday and Thursdays - 6.00 to 7.00 pm

Camelon Community Cantre, Abercrombie Street, Camelon, FK1 4HA

Recommended donation of £4.00, all proceeds to a local charity

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