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A penny for your THOUGHTS

When I was training to be a General Medical Practitioner many years ago I was aware of the potential Complementary Therapy has to offer in supplementing the treatment of many diseases that I see in General Practice.   Medical treatment has its place.   You should not abandon your medical treatment without consulting your own General Medical Practitioner bearing in mind they can be life-saving treatment you cannot do without.   However by considering these alternative therapies as Complementary Therapies there is a lot you can do in enhancing your own health and aid your healing.   Remember that fresh fruits and Vegetables have excellent healing effects.  If you have been ill for a period or have had recurrent illnesses in a short space of time, consider the use of a course of Multi-Vitamins with Minerals.  They may be required in boosting your body’s normal healing process.


What a BODY!

​The body normally has a huge potential to heal itself.   Our Homeostatic mechanism will stop us bleeding from minor cuts and injuries.   A bruised and contused area increases circulation to bring the vital supplies for the healing process.   Our immune system will fend off our usual coughs and colds and control minor infections.   We normally don’t appreciate these background activities until our body system has ceased to cope and a disease sets in.   

In my experience patients with chronic illnesses like arthritis, asthma, eczema, colitis and chronic pain have common etiological routes, namely defective immune system.   I believe most complementary therapies interact with the basics of our immune system allowing and enhancing our body’s immune system to heal.


PREVENTION is better than cure.

​Often I see patients, who have been for treatment, neglect the things they can do themselves in preventing recurrence of these illnesses.   There has been much research in the field of free radicals and antioxidants.   In our daily lives we accumulate toxins from our environment.   This is contained in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food that we eat.   I believe the body normally has the ability to flush out these toxins assuming we live a normal balanced lifestyle.   These flushing out processes will be impaired if we are overworked or exhausted, if we live a sedentary life with insufficient exercise or have poor diets.   It is vital for our normal body homeostasis that we live a lifestyle conducive to washing out and reducing the amount of toxins our body has.   Some of the therapies I offer have been shown to be beneficial in enhancing your body’s detoxification process. 

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2010 - present

Which therapy can help you?

It is all in the MIND

You may have been inflicted with an exceptionally stressful event, be it domestic, occupational or medical.   This will drain the chemical neurotransmitters in your brain.  These chemicals are required to switch you ‘on’ in the morning to get you going, turn you ‘off’ at night to help you sleep, feed your nerve endings that maintain your bodily function like digestion, heart rate and blood pressure, and respiration.   We often buffer the stress we suffer by using a psychological cupboard to store these away for a later date, and put on a brave face to continue with life as best we can.   If this situation is prolonged, there will come a point where the chemical is insufficient resulting in anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia and others.   In this clinically depressed state, consider a chemical replacement.   Homeopathy and Herbs can be beneficial.    In certain circumstances I would recommend a short course of antidepressants and ask you to speak to your GP about this.   Consider De-stressing and Relaxation therapies like Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and EFT. Acupressure Massage, like Shiatsu, massages the acupuncture points along various channels enhancing the flow for energy (Chi) through the body and is a very effective way of relieving stress and anxiety.  I use Autogenic Training Techniques to help people release their bottled up emotion.   Counselling and Life Coaching is often required to normalise your lifestyle and help you live in a higher level of life awareness.  Hypnosis and NLP therapy is a useful tool to help you alter your perception of the distresses and teach you to adapt.   There is strong evidence for the use of Mindfulness training and Tai Chi in the prevention of recurrent depression and other illnesses.



​Our physiology binds our Psychological problems described above to our Physical.   Physical illnesses therefore should be managed in tandem with the Mind.   It is a well known fact that if you’re anxious your Asthma/Arthritis/Angina/Indigestion will become worse.   The treatments mentioned above can therefore be beneficial for some of the physical illnesses that you have.   Most of these will also have a general healing property that can stabilise a chronic illness like MS and ME, Diabetes etc.  Some physical illnesses however require specific physical treatment.   If you have had a strain or an impact injury, always consider using Homeopathic Arnica as a first aid treatment.    These injuries may also cause mechanical problems within the body and may benefit from Manipulation, Massage Therapy or Physiotherapy. NMT (Neuro-Muscular Therapy) and KCR (Kinetic Chain Release) will breakdown injured muscle and tendon knots allowing the body to heal naturally to restore normal body’s Bio-mechanical function.  


How cool is your CHI?

The chinese believe that when there is a disease in the body, be if Psychological or Physical, there is a disruption in the flow of the body's vital energy or Chi.  If we restore this Chi, the body will heal.  Acupuncture and Acupressure (like Shiatsu) are well know ancient treatments for this restorative process.  I also believe there are a lot of similarities in the basic restorative actions of many common Complementary Therapies.  Manipulations and massage will also aid the flow of Chi. Gentle exercises like Tai Chi and other Detoxing activities like Lymphatic drainage can remove inhibitory factors in the body's healing process allowing the free flow of Chi.  Homoeopathy and certain Herbs have similar resetting features in Chi Mediation.  Whenever you recieve a therapeutic consultation from your doctor or therapist, you get an injection of Chi, a phenomenon the anxient Chinese call 'Shen'


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