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Autogenic Training


Autogenic Therapy is a powerful and comprehensive therapeutic system encompassing both mind and body. AT teaches skills enabling clients to utilise their own capacity for self-healing and self-development.

The core of AT is a training course during which clients learn a series of simple exercises in body awareness and relaxation designed to switch off the stress-related "fight and flight" system of the body and switch on the "rest, relaxation and recreation" system. During training the client has the opportunity to learn and experience passive concentration, a state of alert but detached awareness which enables the trainee to break through the vicious circle of excessive stress, whatever its origins.

Once learnt, these techniques form a life-long skill which can become part of a health-promoting lifestyle. They require no special clothing or difficult postures.

Over 3000 scientific publications have shown AT to be a potent tool in preventative medicine, and an effective antidote to stress-related disorders of many kinds. It can relieve tension and insomnia, lessen anxiety and examination nerves, and help with a wide range of 'mind made' disorders. Recent research has shown a reduction in heart attack risks such as high blood pressure and blood cholesterol. 

AT has been used by people of all walks of life to enhance healing, performance and creativity. It has been taught to international sports men and women to enhance performance, to airline pilots and crew to combat jet lag and fatigue, and in the business environment to optimise performance and concentration and reduce stress.

Those who have learnt Autogenic Therapy often report significant improvement within weeks, including;


  • renewed energy and enthusiasm

  • heightened creative ability 

  • greater coping ability and calmness under pressure

  • reduction of stress anxiety levels

  • increased confidence and assertiveness

  • improved teamwork amongst colleagues

  • better quality sleep

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