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Derived from the Greek words ‘Homoios Pathos’ which means Similar Suffering.  The idea is not new.  In the days of Hippocrates and Paracelsus the knowledge “substances that produce symptoms could cure them” is common believe.  For instance, if you have a person who is ill and his symptoms is similar to that of, say, Arsenic poisoning, then giving him a non-toxic dose of Arsenic can cure him. 

It was Dr Samual Hahnemann in the 1800’s that formalises homeopathy in to a meaningful science.  He experimented with dilutions of poisons to treatment symptoms similar to that caused by poisoning.

Homoeopathic medicine is made from extracts of animals, plants and minerals.  Each mother tinctures under goes a variable number of dilutions and agitation process that gives it Homoeopathic potency.  These are then absorbed on to the surface of a carrier in tablet, granule or powder form, which makes dispensing easier.

There are hundreds of different remedies available today.   Each remedy has its own pattern of symptoms.  When I take a Homeopathic history from you, it is necessary for me to take some time to enquire about your symptoms to ascertain the nature of your symptoms as well as your personality, nature and habits.  From these, I will match a remedy of comparable symptoms and offer it to you as a treatment.  If the remedy matches your symptoms accurately, you can expect an improvement of your symptoms.


Often, after your consultation, I will prescribe three tablets of what I consider the best remedy for you.  These are to be take one every four hours for three tablets. Suck or chew each tablet in a clean mouth without touching the tablets with your hands.  Use a clean spoon to transfer it to your mouth.

Sometimes, it is not possible to improve your symptoms without an initial worsening.  In fact, an aggravation of your symptoms after you have taken your remedy is often followed by a good improvement.  It is not possible to predict how often your treatment will need repeating.  In some patients, a single course of three tablet will provide a life long improvement.  In others, a repeat treatment is required in a few days, weeks or months.

Before you come to see me, it will be worth your while trying some of these simple first-aid remedies if your condition fits the list below.  You may find a course of 3 tablets of these treatments sufficient without a costly consultation with me.  If, however, your condition is more complex, or you have not got a response from the listed remedies, I shall be happy to see you.


  • Anxiety – Argentum Nitricum 30c one tab as required

  • Colds/Runny Nose/Sinusitis – Pulsatilla 30c x3 tablets.

  • Colic, Abdominal, (Inc. Infant Colic, IBS, Gastroenteritis) – Colocynth 30c x3 tablets (Granules available for infants, 6-12 granules four hourly)

  • Eczema – Sulphur 30c x3 tablets

  • Gastroenteritis/Sickness & diarrhoea/Food poisoning – Arsenicum Album 30c x3 tablets.

  • Hay Fever – Mixed Pollen 30c x3 tablets

  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome – Sepia 30c x3 Tablets.

  • Rheumatic pains/stiffness of joints – Rhus.Tox. 30c x3 tablets

  • Sore throats – Causticum 30c x3 tablets.

  • Tendon/ligament injury – Ruta Grav. 30c x3 tablets

  • Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis – Gelsemium 30c x3 tablets.

  • Trauma, Ailments after, (Physical or Psychological)  Arnica 30c one tab. Two hourly for 10 tablets in your waking period.


You can buy these remedies from most Pharmacists.  Some will be happy to order them for you.  If you have difficulty in obtaining them, a limited amount is available from me.  They are available at £4.00 per 7gms bottle, (if you require to take these continuously) or £0.50 for  a course of 3 tablets for treatment as described above.

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