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Hypnosis and NLP


Some will think of hypnosis as some form of manipulation our fellow humans inflicted on some unfortunate soles, bewitching them into doing and thinking horrible things. Well, it can be and being aware of it will help you protect yourself from these infringements. 


In actual fact, most of the bewitching is done by ourselves.  We often say horrible things about ourselves to ourselves.  Our internal dialogue tells us we are being silly, we cannot do somethings, we are being stupid, etc, sounds familiar?  One survey found that we say, on average, 570 negative things to ourselves everyday and only say 7 good things each day.  Tell yourself you are useless at something often enough and you will believe it.  Hypnosis and NLP can help you believe in yourself again, achieve things you never though you could achieve and give you the edge you require to achieve in society.


Our mind is like a very sophisticated computer with a blank memory when we were born.  If we were brought up in a caring and nurturing environment, we have a good chance for functioning normally.   For one that has been through a terrible up bringing, with lots of disappointments and loss of trust, it becomes dysfunctional.



Hypnosis and NLP gives you a chance to reset some of the faulty parameters.  In the hands of an experience and trusted therapist, you can boost you confidence, reduce you anxiety and get your worried into satisfactory proportion.


Sciences have taught us that we normally have Right and Left Brain functions.  The Left tended to be more logical, recognising things in patterns.  It tends to make us fastidious, predicting that if event 1 happens, events 2 will follow then event 3 and then event 4 and so on.  In some people, even before event 1 happens, they are predicting event 4 happening, making them anxious.


The Right brain is more creative, giving us lots of options. Re-training your Right brain by using your non dominant had more ofter can help you be more optimistic about you outcome, making Hypnosis and NLP more effective during your treatment.

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